Life, Sex, INTIMACY and relationship coaching explained

What is Sex Coaching ?

A Sexuality Coach empowers people to to work towards their expressed sexual desires. Unlike therapy coaching does not dive into the past in order to deal with the future.  I focus on changing things right now

 and cover a vast array of topics including dating, sexual identity, sexual abuse, sex addiction, sex and aging, open relationships, communication skills, gender identity, sex in long-term relationships , and sexual dysfunction.  . 

Who can benefit from Sex and Relationship Coaching ?

Everyone can benefit to coaching at some stage of their lives. Never experienced an orgasm ? Dealing with erectile dysfunction ? Low libido ? Want to explore same sex ? Swinging? Just want to spice of the relationship but don't know how ? Sexually frustrated and don't know why?

What happens in a Session ?

 We will Identify your sex  goals in an Intake Session 

Figure out the best  approach for your concerns

Create a sex coaching plan

You will receive emotional support, suggestions, and homework

 You will be motivated to achieve you goals

Relationship Coaching

I have a passion to see couples succeed. Relationships can be very difficult  but when two people are committed to enhancing their lives together sometimes it just takes a nudge in the right direction. We focus on how we can improve things right now. 


Having the affections of another person is the desire of millions around the world . Whether its seeking just sexual gratifications or building a last relationship Communication is the key. 


As a certified sex coach one of my passions is to educate those teenagers and young adults about their bodies. As a society we have learned to rely on the internet filled  with false information instead  of educating our children. It is better to have these conversations than to allow them to explore on their own .

What is Sex Coaching ?