Mocha Marriage Workshop

8 hours couples workshop

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 This transformational training helps couples create immediate breakthroughs. In these workshops I will take small groups of couples through mental , physical , and emotional aspects of communicating along with the pitfalls to avoid.  It is 4 sessions broken up into Emotional Intelligence / The Brain / The 4 Horsemen / Triggers. . This is an 8 hours couples training. $199 is the deposit. Minimum of two couples . There is no max .

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Speak Into the Mic workshop

This workshop is dedicated to learning how to give or enhance you skills at fellatio.


Giving oral sex has been seen as one of the most pleasurable things and taboo all at the same  time. You should not be fearful about doing it or make a face because your partner asked for it. It can be pleasurable for both of you. 

Includes: Helping Hand Masturbation Sleeve

Materials: Body friendly TPE – hypoallergenic, phthalate free & latex free

 Materials: Body friendly TPE – hypoallergenic, phthalate free & latex free 

Includes Delicious Encounters : Strawberry Pomegranate Lubricant



  • Water-based and water soluble
  • Glycerine, paraben & petroleum free
  • Latex, rubber and plastic friendly
  • Delicious addition to oral play

Includes: Tickle His Pickle by Sadie Allison


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Includes : A personal dildo to practice on


Practice makes  perfect . So your tool kit will include a practice penis to work on in the workshop and at home. 

How much does it cost?


The cost per person is $100. This workshop is 2 hours long. It can be done at any location of your choice . Upcoming workshops will be announced on this page as well. 

a Deeper Connection Workshop

Couples Workshop


This workshop is for couples only . Newlyweds , couples that just  had a baby , couples that want to spice up their bedroom, couples in sexless relationship or couples that just want to reconnect. 



Being Intimate does not mean knowing  a person sexually. Being intimate is a Spiritual, Emotional, and Intellectually connected to a person. It is being transparent and non judgmental.



There is an Art to Seduction. Do you know what your partner likes? Are you interested in what they want? If you make it all about them and they make it all about you think of he things that you could accomplish. 



Communication is the most valuable thing in a relationship. It can be the key to reaching goals or the reason you cannot reach an orgasm. It is the most essential thing in a relationship. 

Includes : Passion Bundle


Passion Bundle includes clitoral stimulus gel, Sex dice , Sex position cards , sample lubes and cock ring . 

Ready to Book ?


This workshop is designed to be for a group of 5 couples or more. It doesn't matter the setting . Conference, Church Seminar, or the comfort of a home. $150 per couple .